What Is a Body Conditioning Class?

Body conditioning classes provide whole body workouts that focus equally on strengthening exercises, aerobic exercise and endurance. They often involve floor work on exercise mats and the use of free weights or other implements. They are high-impact, high-energy workout sessions that aim to challenge those in the class, notes Total Fitness.

According to Total Fitness, body conditioning classes typically start with a high-energy warm-up section, often done to energizing music. The classes then transition to focused resistance work using weights, medicine balls, exercise balls, body bars or resistance bands. Classes generally spend half the time on aerobics and half on resistance work; individual instructors may choose to do the entire workout in the first half of the class, or they may switch back and forth between the types of workout.

Body conditioning classes are designed to provide total fitness and overall toning through working every major muscle group in one workout, explains Bodytech Health Clubs. Because they are strenuous, the classes often require a fairly advanced level of fitness, though some gyms may offer beginner level classes.

Exercisers wanting to attend a body conditioning class should wear comfortable workout gear and footwear, recommends Wahanda. Some gyms may ask those in the class to bring their own mats, towels or weights. If stretching is not part of a specific body conditioning class, it is a good idea to warm-up and stretch before class starts to avoid injuries.