What Is Bobby Flay’s Tri-Tip Marinade Recipe?

Food Network publishes Bobby Flay’s six-hour tri-tip marinade recipe on its website. The recipe, featured on the “Beach BBQ” episode of Food Network’s “BBQ with Bobby Flay,” is easy to prepare and serves six to eight people. Food Network reviewers give it five out of five stars.

To make Flay’s marinade recipe, mix 1 cup each soybean oil and lemon juice with ½ cup each of white sugar and soy sauce. Add ½ cup each black pepper, garlic salt, chopped garlic and chopped dried onions in a mixing bowl, and mix until blended. Meanwhile, place 2 4-pound trimmed tri-tips in a plastic container, and then pour the marinade over the beef. Cover the container, place it in the refrigerator, and allow it to marinate for a minimum of six hours.

After it has had sufficient time to marinate, place the tri-tips on a ready grill. Position the tri-tips at 45 degree angles in order to achieve grill marks during the grilling process. Grill the meat for around 35 minutes or until it reaches the desired level of doneness.

Remove the meat from the grill. Allow it to rest for two to five minutes, and then slice it as desired and serve.