How Do You Get a Blue Book Value for a Piano?

The Blue Book of Pianos website is a great resource for finding the value of a piano. The website contains a wealth of free information regarding guides to appraisals and buying new and used pianos. An E-book containing piano pricing is available for a nominal charge of approximately $10. It is only available online as of 2015.

Piano values are determined by a variety of factors. Geographic location, age, condition of the cabinet and inner parts are all important factors in determining the value. A blue book can only provide an estimate of the value, yet it is a great starting point.

Information regarding the history of uprights and grand pianos and the different manufacturers is available on The Blue Book of Pianos website. The E-book contains pricing for pianos made from 1947 until the present. An online form is available for those seeking a written appraisal for such reasons as buying, selling, donation, estate tax or damage claims. There is a fee for this service, and the appraisal is only as good as the information provided. Brand name, type and size of the piano, the serial number, and the condition of the piano must be included on the form.

It is estimated that a person will buy or sell only one piano during his lifetime. A few hours of research and a few dollars for an E-book may prove invaluable when making an important piano decision.