What Does Blood in the Urine Mean for Women?

Causes for blood in a woman’s urine include bladder or kidney infections, kidney stones or kidney disease, according to WebMD. Other causes include vigorous exercise, a tumor or even certain medications.

If a woman has blood in her urine, she should see a doctor who performs a number of tests based on the bleeding and other symptoms, claims WebMD. A computed tomography scan is one option, and it can help to identify kidney or bladder stones, tumors or other abnormal situations. An ultrasound of the kidney, X-rays or a biopsy are other tests that may take place.

Treatment of blood in the urine is aimed at the cause of the bleeding, states WebMD. After treatment has occurred, the doctor typically rechecks the urine for blood. If the blood is still present, more tests may be performed. If the cause is serious, the woman may be referred to a urologist. If the bleeding is minor, however, no treatment may be necessary at all.

In some cases, a doctor may not find a cause for the bleeding, explains WebMD. In this case, the woman is advised to undergo blood pressure monitoring and urine testing every three to six months. This is especially true if the woman has a risk of developing bladder cancer including being over the age of 50, if she smokes cigarettes or if she is exposed to certain chemicals.