Is My Blood Type on My Birth Certificate?

blood-type-birth-certificate ERproductions Ltd/Blend Images/Getty Images

Birth certificates typically do not include blood type. Blood typing tests are only performed at the request of an individual, or if someone is about to undergo a transfusion or is pregnant.

Birth certificates are records of live birth and include only the information deemed critical to the birth. The full names of both parents, the mother's maiden name, the name of the doctor who delivered the child, the sex of the child and the place where the child was born are usually included on a birth certificate. Additionally, the record of live birth is usually assigned a number by the county registrar, and the birth certificate is stamped with a seal to authenticate it. In some instances, a baby's hand or footprint is also included on the birth certificate.

Birth certificates are public records and can be obtained from the registrar's office in the county where the birth took place. The registrar may charge a fee to anyone requesting a copy of a birth certificate. In order to learn blood type, an ABO test can be requested from a certified medical facility. An ABO test involves taking a sample of an individual's blood and then testing the antibodies within the blood.