How Do You Block Someone Who Is Contacting You on Your Mobile Phone?

Guido Mieth/Moment/Getty Images

To block a number on your mobile phone, add the unwanted caller to your phone’s contact list or phone book. Identify the menu option on the phone that allows numbers to be blocked. Select the specific contact number, and indicate that incoming calls from that number should be blocked.

  1. Add the number to the phone’s contact list

    The phone has to have the number in its memory so it can identify the incoming number as unwanted. If the caller is unknown, or you do not want to identify the number by name in the contact list, label the number as something like Annoying Caller or Salesman.

  2. Find the menu option allowing numbers to be blocked

    Each phone is different, so the steps vary. However, typically this option is under phone settings, incoming calls or something similar. There may be a list specifically for blocked calls or a blacklist option. If the proper setting cannot be found, contact the cell phone company to ask how to block a number.

  3. Mark the contact as unwanted

    Add the specific contact to the unwanted caller list, or mark the contact as unwanted.

  4. Exit the settings menu

    Go back to the home screen of the phone. When the phone receives a call from the blocked number, the phone should not ring. If the contact is ever wanted again, remember to remove the number from the unwanted calls list or unblock it.