How Do I Block My Number When Calling Someone?

Use the code *67 to block your number on caller ID. This code works for both mobile and landline phones. Contact your phone provider to inquire about a permanent line block, which hides your number automatically each time you make a call.

  1. Choose a number to call

    Pick up your phone, and look through your contact list for a number to call. It must be a residential or standard business number, as the call block feature does not work when calling toll-free numbers or 911.

  2. Use the code

    Dial *67 before you dial your contact’s phone number. Using this code hides your contact number on the receiving end on Android, iOS, Blackberry and other mobile and landline phones.

  3. Complete your call

    Press the phone icon, the Send button or a similar button on your mobile or digital home phone to make your call. The recipient may choose not to answer the blocked number, so call again if you get no answer. Remove the block from your number by dialing the contact number again without using *67. If you have a permanent line block on your phone, dial *82 and then the contact number to remove the block for one call only.