How Do You Bleach Well Water?

Grey World/CC-BY 2.0

To bleach well water, turn off and drain the well system, pour chlorine bleach into the well, wash the casing, and flush the pipes. The supplies you need for this overnight process include chlorine bleach and a hose.

  1. Turn off the well system

    Shut off the well power supply, drain the water heater, and empty any other tanks connected to the well.

  2. Add bleach to the well

    Pour chlorine bleach into the well. If the well is no more than 50 feet deep, use 1 quart of bleach. If the well is deeper, increase the amount of bleach by 1/2 quart for every additional 50 feet of depth. Leave the bleach in the well for three hours.

  3. Wash the well casing

    Turn on the power and the well pump, attach a hose to the nearest faucet, and open the tap. Use the hose to rinse the well casing for 30 minutes, and then cap the well.

  4. Disinfect and flush the pipes

    Open all of the faucets connected to the well, starting with those farthest from it. Keep the water running until all of the faucets smell strongly of bleach. Close the faucets, and let the chlorinated water sit in the pipes for 12 to 24 hours. After disinfecting the pipes, open the faucets again, and run the water until the chlorine smell disappears.