What Are Black Spots on the Brain?

Black or dark spots can be detected when someone undergoes imaging test that can include CT scans and MRIs. These dark spots, which are abnormal tissue matter, are referred to as a brain lesion, according to Mayo Clinic. While there are many different causes for brain lesions, some may present no major issues and others can be serious.

Some common causes of a brain lesion are medical issues, such as an injury, tumors that can be benign or malignant, infection, abscess, or a stroke, notes WebMD. These brain lesion types can be different sizes, ranging for very small to those that can occupy a larger space of the brain.

Because there are so many different brain lesion types, symptoms can vary accordingly. However, there are some common signs associated with many of them, including headaches, memory issues, behavioral changes and possible seizures, states WebMD.

Imaging tests are useful in diagnosing a brain lesion because it can show its size, but other tests are necessary, such as blood tests and a biopsy. In the case of a malignant brain tumor, grading of the tumor is important. Similarly, these tumors can spread to other locations, notes the National Cancer Institute.

Doctors treat a brain lesion according to its type and the varying symptoms it presents. For example, depending on the specific type of malignant brain tumor, its size and location, it can require a combination of treatments that can include radiation, chemotherapy or surgery.