What Is a Black Seal License?

A black seal license grants the license holder permission to operate either low- or high-pressure boilers in New Jersey. Applicants must fulfill all the requirements set forth by New Jersey law to qualify, and then pass a multiple choice test before they receive their license.

The black seal license, or boiler operator’s license, is issued by the state of New Jersey. Applicants must provide proof that they have a minimum of 90 days’ experience working with boilers in the capacity of an assistant or apprentice. High-pressure boilers operate at more than 100 horsepower and over 15 pounds per square inch of pressure, while low-pressure boilers operate at lower power and pressure. Applicants must choose one category, or obtain separate licenses in both.

Applicants must also procure an endorsement from the management at the applicant’s place of business. Once the application has been processed, the candidate must pass a multiple choice test. The licensing bureau requires the applicant to score at least 66 percent correct answers out of the 50 questions.

The black seal license is similar to other operator licenses in New Jersey. For example, the red seal license applies to second-grade engineers, while the gold seal license is issued to qualified first-grade engineers.