How Are Birthdays Celebrated in India?

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Indians celebrate their birthdays with new clothes, parties and dancing. Children celebrating their birthdays go to school in brand new clothes and accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces.

On the morning of their birthdays, Indian children first visit a shrine with their parents and are blessed. Then, according to the Caravan, the birthday children enjoy the rare gift of wearing new, colored clothes to school instead of the typical uniform. They also pass out candy to everyone at the school with the help of a special friend.

At home, the celebrations are even more grand. For children and adults alike there are big dinner parties with catered and traditional Indian food, states Some of the most popular dishes are biryani, which is a spicy fried rice, with gravy, mutton or chicken, curry, chutney and various vegetable dishes. For dessert, dudh pak, or rice pudding, is served with various fruits and nuts. Sometimes these parties include dancing all night. For children, often partygoers pop a balloon filled with confetti so the sparkling bits rain down upon them.

Adults often spend their birthdays with friends at bars where they eat, dance and drink, with the bartenders preparing a special drink just for them, reports The Times of India.