How Do You View Birth Certificates Online?

Birth certificates can be viewed on websites like or Be aware that results differ between states since many of them have not transferred their records online.

  1. Go to either or

    Both of these websites serve the public by helping them find and preserve their family history.

  2. Select your state

    Make sure that you look for the section for birth records or certificates. These websites often include other vital records, such as marriage and death records. Each state may have a different set of instructions, and the websites generally require you to enter some personal information.

  3. If your records are not online, go to

    Search for vital records and choose the first link titled Where to Write for Vital Records.

  4. Select your state

    Once you choose your state, the site shows you the cost, address and notes of the agencies or departments that facilitate the birth certificate records request.

  5. Gather materials

    A request requires the name of the person applying for the record, their sex, the parents’ names, date of birth, a check or money order, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Some states differ in the materials they need. For example, Florida requests that you also send a valid picture ID and a signature.

  6. Send the request

    Use the address listed by the CDC for your state’s agency or department, and await your records.