What Is the Biography of Saint Lillian?

Saint Lillian is a pre-congregational saint who lived and was martyred in Cordova, Spain in the mid-ninth century. She was married to Saint Felix, with whom she died.

The Moors, an ancient sect of the Muslim faith, controlled Spain in the ninth century. Saint Lillian was a Catholic layperson, forced to practice her faith in secret, fearing persecution by the Moors if they became aware of her religious beliefs. It was during the persecutions of Caliph Abdurrahman II that Saint Lillian and Saints Felix, Aurelius, George and Natalia stepped into the public eye and staunchly affirmed their faith. The Moors gave them four days to renounce their beliefs and actively pursue Islam. They refused to do so and were sentenced to death. Saint Lillian died in Cordova, Spain circa 892 A.D. as a martyr of the Catholic faith.

Saint Lillian’s feast day is on July 27th, according to the Roman Catholic Church. She is known to be the protector of women named Lillian, Lily or Elizabeth, along with any variation of the name. Prayers to Saint Lillian are usually made with the hope of strengthening a person’s faith, finding the courage to live a more Christian life and spreading unconditional love to neighbors.