What Is a Biography of Pastor Melissa Scott?

Pastor Melissa Scott is a televangelist who teaches at the Faith Center in Glendale, California as of 2015. She was previously known as the second and last wife of Doctor Gene Scott, who was also a televangelist and pastor of the same church as Melissa Scott. He named Melissa as his successor before he died in 2005.

Pastor Melissa Scott was born Melissa Paulina Peroff, and she married Gene Scott in 2000. Gene Scott was nearly 40 years older than her at the time. Not much is known about Melissa Scott’s previous life, but an expose in Marie Claire in 2009 painted her as a former porn star going by the name of Barbie Bridges. According to the article, Scott’s past acquaintances confirmed the story that she worked in adult entertainment.

She was allegedly married to Paul Pastore, who also worked in adult entertainment and continued to do so as of 2009. However, Scott has continued to deny all of her alleged past involvement in porn, including her former name of Barbie Bridges.

Scott is known for her mastery of over 20 languages, including some of the main languages in the Bible such as Hebrew and Aramaic. Her sermons are often scholarly, featuring whiteboards with translations of Biblical passages.