What Are Some Bic Lighter Tricks?

One Bic lighter trick is to press the flint mechanism down while holding the lighter in a fist. The lighter is then pulled out quickly, causing it to flare before extinguishing. Another trick is to use a lighter as a fulcrum to open a beer bottle. These tricks can be dangerous, however, so caution should be used when performing them, and they should never be performed by children.

A third Bic lighter trick is forming a hand into a cup shape then lighting the Bic lighter next to it. When the hand is opened, a small burst of flame comes out. Another trick involves removing the flint mechanism and spring from one Bic lighter, wrapping the spring around the flint, using another Bic to heat the flint and then throwing it at the ground. The effect of this trick is similar to fireworks.

The Bic company has sold inexpensive, disposable lighters in the United States since 1972. In 1973, the company unveiled a lighter that could provide 3,000 lights before becoming empty. Bic sells lighters in many designs, including collectible versions. As of 2014, the Bic site includes the Pro Series of lighters, featuring logos of professional sports teams. In a nod to the tradition of lighting lighters during certain songs at rock concerts, in 2014, Bic is offering the Bic Concert Lighter smart-phone app, which features the flicking sound of a lighter along with a selection of lighter designs.