What Are Some Biblical Dream Interpretations?

Biblical dream interpretations include seeing snakes as demons or enemies of God, dreaming of a new room in one’s home as embarking on a new phase in life, or alternatively, as a period of darkness and more, notes CBN. Biblical interpretations exist for many commonplace items encountered in daily life, including homes, cars, animals and even colors. For some people, these images appear once then vanish, but like other types of dreams, people sometimes have recurring biblical dreams too.

Envisioning a new room with excitement indicates the potential for an improved spiritual life, where God opens the doors of opportunity. Seeing a dark room, however, indicates a fear or problem a person has that needs to be addressed by a higher being. Dreaming of holes in a roof signifies a part of life that lacks spiritual protection. This may arise from a past sin or impending poor judgment.

In addition to homes, seeing oneself or a higher being naked has biblical meaning. Seeing oneself without clothes before God signifies surrender to God, while seeing Christ naked indicates the need to form a stronger, more intimate bond with Him, suggests CBN.

Cars also adopt meaning in biblical dreams. Envisioning oneself as a driver losing control of the car or having trouble operating the car indicates feeling out of control and in need of spiritual guidance. Alternatively, envisioning a happy, smooth drive in a positive environment shows a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual life.