What Is the Beverly Lewis Book List and in What Order Are They Read?

Oliver Rossi/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

Beverly Lewis has written several different book series, including Amish County Crossroads, Abram’s Daughters, Home to Hickory Hollow, Summerhill Secrets and Seasons of Grace. Amish County Crossroads features three books, which should be read in order starting with “The Postcard,” followed by “The Crossroad” and finally “Sanctuary.”

The Abram’s Daughter series features five books, which should be read in order from “The Covenant,” “The Betrayal,” “The Sacrifice,” “The Prodigal” and “The Revelation.” Lewis’ Home to Hickory Hollow series also has five books, which are, in order, “The Fiddler,” “The Bridesmaid,” “The Guardian,” “The Secret Keeper” and “The Last Bride.”

The Summerhill Secrets is one of Lewis’ larger series, which consists of 10 books. The series begins with “Whispers Down the Lane,” followed by “Secret in the Willows,” “Catch a Falling Star,” “Night of the Fireflies” and “A Cry in the Dark.” The last five books of the series are “House of Secrets,” “Echoes in the Wind,” “Hide Behind the Moon,” “Windows on the Hill” and “Shadows Beyond the Gate.”

The Seasons of the Grace series also features three books, which should be read in order of “The Secret,” “The Missing,” and “The Telling.”

As of 2015, Beverly Lewis has written 12 different series and more than 70 total books.