What Is a Beverage That Starts With the Letter “Z?”

The United States has not had a prominent name brand beverage beginning with the letter “Z” since the mid-90s creation Zima. As of March 2014, other countries feature soft drinks with “Z” names like Zam Zam Cola, Zaraza, Zingo and Zip.

Most beverages that begin with the letter “Z” have alcohol content. Vodka drinkers may know Zaranoff. Wine drinkers enjoy Zinfadel wine every once in a while. Other “Z” alcoholic drinks include Zadarade, Zivania or Zivana liqueur, Zinger and Zuper. Although not name brand drinks, many cocktails feature names that begin with “Z” including zaza, zen latte, zesty Irishman, zipperhead, zombie, zombie punch and zorbatina.