What Is a Link Between Prostate Cancer and Leg Pain?

Leg pain can be a symptom of advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the lower spine and pelvis, compressing the nerves that connect to the legs, explains About.com. Prostate cancer most frequently spreads to the bones near the prostate. Prostate cancer sufferers more commonly experience urinary problems than leg pain, however. Cancer can spread to any area of the body and can cause any symptom, warns About.com.

Prostate cancer usually does not present any symptoms in its early stages before the tumor swells or spreads, according to WebMD. Men who do complain of symptoms most frequently experience urinary complaints, such as frequent urination, especially at night, weak streams of urine, urine leaks, burning during urination and blood in the urine, notes About.com. Lower leg swelling, weight loss, weakness in the legs and constipation can also signify advanced prostate cancer, notes WebMD.

Since prostate cancer does not typically cause symptoms in its early stages, doctors advise men over age 50 and younger men at higher risk of prostate cancer to undergo yearly screening, according to About.com. The screening includes a prostate-specific antigen test and a digital rectal examination. If the doctor detects an abnormality during the screening, the prostate needs to be biopsied to determine whether cancer is present.