What Are the Benefits of Having a Study Hall?

The benefits of a study hall include providing students with a structured and scheduled time to focus on academic work while giving support needed to complete homework or prepare for exams. These study hall opportunities may then help students to improve grades and academic performance.

Study halls are either required or not required of students, depending on school guidelines. The purpose is to help support students struggling with time management issues related to homework and study. These are structured quiet times where students can either work independently, with another student or with a tutor. Students are usually required to study, complete homework or work on other school-related assignments.

The one-on-one or small group help is beneficial to students challenged by focus and attention issues or uncomfortable asking questions in larger classroom settings. This focused follow-up work related to classroom learning can provide an opportunity for students to address any issues with greater depth and additional practice, making learning more likely.

Students can best benefit from study halls by coming prepared with all of the needed materials. This means students should have questions and drafts of papers ready for tutors so that they can take advantage of the full length of study time available.