What Benefits Are Cherokee Indians Entitled To?

MyLoupe/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Cherokee Indians are currently entitled to several government benefits. One of the most significant of these is free healthcare, which is provided by clinics and hospitals run by and for the tribe. These facilities are funded by the government and provide free services that include admissions to hospital and prescription eyewear and drugs.

Eligible Cherokee members can also get government funding to build a house. This funding is arranged through the tribe housing authority. Cherokee students may also apply for a number of funding options from the government. These include a scholarship of around $1000 per semester, which is offered as a grant rather than a loan. Preference for this type of funding is given to those who are close to graduation, and around 2,000 students get this funding every year. This represents around 90% of those who apply for the funding.

It may also be easier for an appropriately qualified Cherokee tribe member to get a job at a tribally run business, such as at certain casinos. This is because the tribe gives priority to such individuals. Currently, there are more than 6,000 people working for the Cherokee Nation, some of whom make in excess of $30,000 a month. These high incomes tend to come from casino earnings.