What Are the Benefits of Being President of the United States?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are many benefits to being President of the United States: an annual salary; expense and travel accounts; housing in the White Hose, Camp David, and a guest house; Presidential State Car; Air Force One and Marine One for transportation; protection by the Secret Service; and great retirement benefits. While the position of president is not the most lucrative, the benefits compensate for the pay.

In addition to the annual salary, there is an expense account, a non-taxable travel account and an account allotted for entertainment. As far as housing goes, there is the White House, complete with all the maid services and offices needed. There is also Camp David, where the president and his family can relocate to if in danger. Finally, there is also the Blair House, exceeding 70,000 square feet it serves as a guest house or second residency. Along with the housing, there is spectacular transportation with the Presidential State Car, which is an armed limousine, and Air Force One and Marine One for long distance travel. Security continues for the rest of the president’s life, and there is protection by the Secret Service for him and his family. Presidents also receive a large pension for retirement, transition expenses, staff and office allowances, continued travel and medical expenses, Secret Service protection and a state funeral.