What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Sovereign Citizen?

The benefits of becoming a sovereign citizen include never having to pay a traffic ticket again, being able to get rid of debts by using bonds and being unable to be sued in any court in the country. Further, a sovereign citizen can avoid both federal and state taxes, can get any previous taxes paid returned back to them and can avoid bankruptcy by paying with bonds.

After becoming a sovereign citizen, an individual becomes immune to both civil and statutory law; this includes vehicles codes, as well. No more money needs to be paid to the IRS, too, which leads to a significant raise in pay. A sovereign individual is also classified as a foreigner of the United States, so the court loses jurisdiction over the individual.

American Indians are classified by the United States as sovereign individuals. Because of this, they do not need driver’s licenses or registrations for their vehicles and they are also not able to be taxed by the federal government. The original constitution stated that all Americans were born sovereign; however, many courts today do deny people their sovereignty when they try to apply. Most people lose their sovereignty only hours after they are born due to the creation of a birth certificate