What Is Bedoyecta TRI?

Bedoyecta TRI is an injectable vitamin B-12, according to Medixpharma. Some Bedoyecta products are produced in Mexico, while others are produced in the United States, notes Valeant.com. Bedoyecta TRI is manufactured in Mexico by Grossman Labs, which is part of Valeant International, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United States.

The active ingredients in Bedoyecta TRI are hydroxocobalamin (vitamin B-12), thiamine (vitamin B-1) and pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), according to Medixpharma. Vitamin B-12 injections are most commonly used to treat or prevent anemia and low B-12 levels, states Mayo Clinic. Although, some weight loss clinics offer injectable vitamin B-12 to clients, there is no scientific data to suggest that these injections help with weight loss. Only people who have a B-12 deficiency and receive an injection may feel an increase in energy level.

Taking vitamin B-12 injections is not likely to cause harm for most people, but many medications and conditions interact negatively with B-12 injections, according to Mayo Clinic. It is highly advisable to speak with a doctor concerning this type of supplement. Generally, vitamin B-12 supplements of any kind should be used with care in patients who have a history of cancer, high blood pressure and blood disorders. People taking medications such as aspirin, antibiotics and H2 blockers are also advised to use B-12 with caution.