How Do You Become a Warlock?

One can become a warlock by taking up pagan religions, primarily the Wiccan religion, which is widely known as the religion of witchcraft. By definition, a warlock is a man. A female counterpart would be a witch or a sorceress.

  1. Study paganism

    It is important to understand a faith thoroughly before joining. Contrary to popular belief, Wiccans are not the type of spellcasters who utilize magic wands. Reading up on Wicca and networking with Wiccans is a good way to learn what it is all about.

  2. Dedicate yourself to being Wiccan

    There is no formal dedication ceremony for Wicca. It is a personal act of faith performed as a location chosen by the individual converting. It should, however, in some way reflect what it means to be Wiccan, and it should demonstrate a genuine appreciation for the commitment being made.

  3. Begin practicing magic

    This can be done either alone, by consulting available resources such as books, or it can be done communally by joining a coven. A coven is a group of witches and warlocks who practice together. Most covens have a mandatory period for new members to learn about them and integrate themselves into the culture before being formally inducted.