How Do You Become a Patient at the NYU Dental School Clinic?

To become a patient at the New York University College of Dentistry, call 212-998-9800 to schedule a first appointment. Call 212-998-9650 for children’s appointments as of 2015. To become a patient at the NYU Linhart Continuing Dental Education program, you must first attend a free screening consultation at which the staff determines whether your dental needs are a fit for their program. Call 212-998-9769 for dental implants or 212-998-9837 for aesthetic dentistry or full-mouth reconstruction.

On the date and time of your scheduled first appointment, check in at the Patient Admissions and Registration Office in the building lobby at 345 E. 24th Street, which is on the corner of 1st Avenue. Complete and bring the Patient Registration Form and identification that provides proof of your identity and address. Acceptable ID includes a driver’s or professional license, a passport or state-issued identification. For the address, a bill in the patient’s name may substitute for a license or state ID.

At the first appointment, patients of the regular College of Dentistry program give their medical and dental histories to the dental staff, take x-rays, and receive exams and screenings for oral cancer. The dental staff prepares treatment plans and schedules appointments for the treatments.

The free screening for the CDE program determines eligibility and fit for the program. It lasts two hours and includes taking dental x-rays. A patient accepted into the program has a second visit and receives an exam and diagnosis. The patient and dentist then discuss treatment options.

Patients must pay in advance for each treatment, as the dental school does not accept insurance. Medicaid patients must present their Medicaid cards at the start of each visit. Financial assistance is available through the patient’s assigned Patient Care Center or by calling 212-998-9875 for the Patient Advocacy Office.