How Do You Become a Member of the Bandidos MC?

To become a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, you must have some sort of acquaintance or connection with someone in the club, such as a friend who is a member. The membership process requires that you pass through three stages: “hangaround,” “prospect” and “probation.” This process usually takes about two years. After successfully completing these stages, you must pay a membership fee to become a full member.

  1. Complete the hangaround period

    The process begins with the hangaround period, during which a prospective member “hangs around” a established chapter of the club. This period can last weeks or months, depending on the chapter.

  2. Go through the prospect period

    You exit the hangaround period when a member who already has patches chooses to sponsor you to enter the prospect period. Prospects spend months, if not years, trying to prove themselves to the club members. This stage can involve doing the club’s “dirty work” or degrading tasks.

  3. Finish the probationary period

    After the prospect period, you must pass through the probationary period. The probationary period ends when the members of the chapter vote to allow you to enter the club. The vote must be unanimous.

  4. Pay a membership fee

    To become a full Bandidos member, you must pay a membership fee. You must also pay for a new patch. All Bandidos members are required to wear a patch that is visible from 150 feet. The membership fee and the patch are $275 each.