How Do You Beat Grow Valley?

In order to beat “Grow Valley,” you need to upgrade all the systems in the game completely. You can only use each development button once in the game, so it is important to click on them in the right order to get all systems to upgrade by the end of the game. Beating “Grow Valley” in this manner takes less than an hour.

  1. Click on the compass button

    First, you need to click on the compass button to trigger the design process. You see your designer standing on the hilltop with a pair of binoculars, surveying the site. He then retreats to his desk to complete the design.

  2. Click on the pickaxe button

    Clicking on the pickaxe button causes a group of workers to build a hydroelectric power station. This facility provides energy to allow you to complete the other development processes.

  3. Click on the microchip button

    Next, click on the microchip button. This action causes your workers to create communication systems, which help you complete the game.

  4. Click on the cog button

    By clicking on the cog button, you can create a transportation system in “Grow Valley.” This step is essential for the development processes that follow.

  5. Click on the magnifying glass button

    Now, it is time to develop some new technologies. Click on the magnifying glass to trigger scientific research, which leads to the “Grow Valley” workers building wind turbines.

  6. Click on the vial button

    Click on the vial button to create a recycling plant. Thanks to all the technologies you have developed, your workers can now extend their city underground.

  7. Click on the heart button

    The final step is to click on the heart button, which triggers research into life sciences. Your workers build a hospital in “Grow Valley” to look after all the people. This action triggers a winning sequence, which involves a rocket launching into space.