What Battery Services Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Offer?

O’Reilly Auto Parts provides battery charging, testing and diagnostic services and core recycling and disposal. The company offers free diagnostic and testing services for batteries brought to an O’Reilly store, and the store also offers assistance for customers selecting replacement batteries.

O’Reilly Auto Parts provides a number of battery ratings. These ratings detail the reserve capacity, cold cranking amps, amp hours and reserve capacity of a fully charged battery. Another battery service provided by O’Reilly Auto Parts is core recycling. This service involves returning the battery core of an old battery to the manufacturer, which is then able to reclaim and reuse some of the materials used in its construction. New lead-acid batteries may contain as much as 80 percent recycled materials.

Core recycling is very beneficial to the environment and helps to reduce the cost of new batteries. Local, state and federal laws exist to regulate the recycling and safe disposal of automotive batteries, and battery core recycling leads to the recovery of nearly 200 million pounds of lead each year. Core recycling saves over 12 million pounds of plastic and 6 million gallons of battery acid that can pose a serious risk to the environment through improper disposal. As of 2016, O’Reilly customers received a $5 gift card for every lead-acid battery brought in for recycling.