What Are Some Batteries Equivalent to an AG13 Battery?

Generic equivalents for AG13 alkaline cell batteries include LR44, LR154, L1154, KA, KA76 and A200 batteries. AG13 can also be replaced with silver oxide button cell batteries that include common equivalents, such as SG13, S76 and EPX76.

AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery that converts stored energy into electrical energy through a manganese oxide and zinc chemical reaction. It can provide power to a variety of electronic devices, including thermometers, calculators, toys, medical equipment, radios and mobile technology.

Alternatives to the AG13 alkaline battery include Duracell’s PX76A, Energizer’s A76, Maxell’s LR44 and Varta’s A76. Silver oxide battery equivalents include Toshiba’s MR44, Varta’s V303, V313 and V357, Citizen’s 280-08 and Energizer’s 303 and 307.