What Do Bat Bites Look Like?

Bat bites, if visible at all, look similar to a pin prick, states Orkin. Bat teeth are very small, and consequently, there are no clear tooth marks or indentations when a person is bitten by a bat.

When a bat is sick or threatened, in rare instances, the bite shows a full set of teeth marks. Bat bites can feel like sharp pin pricks, and a person may be bitten by a bat without realizing it, according to Bat World Sanctuary. If a person wakes up in a room with a bat, or is in a location where there is exposure to bats, it is necessary to seek medical attention, because most bat bites are not clearly visible to the untrained eye. When possible, the affected person should test the bat for disease.

Annually, only one or two deaths from rabies are a result of bat bites in the United States. The most common cause of contracting rabies from bats is through touching or handling them, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rabies can be fatal, with early signs that include fever and headaches. When symptoms appear, this disease is fatal. When the rabies vaccine is given quickly after a suspected bat bite, before any symptoms, it is 100 percent effective against getting rabies.