What Are the Basic Tools of Nutrition?

One of the basic tools of nutrition is the labeling found on food. Nutrition facts are on just about everything available for consumption. Labels give information about ingredients, such as sodium, sugar and calorie content, according to Self magazine. Labels also give information about protein, calcium and iron, which aid in good nutrition.

Keeping a food intake journal is also a helpful tool, notes WebMD. This can be as simple as writing a log in a notebook, but there are also cell phone apps like Slim Down Shopping List, Calorie Tracker and Mint Nutrition that track food. The availability of apps depends on the type of cell phone a person uses. There are also websites such as Choose My Plate, My Fitness Pal and FitDay that help users keep track of daily nutrition.

Social media has emerged as a helpful tool for good nutrition, says WebMD. There are several Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages where people can share helpful tips, inspiration and success stories. People can also connect on these sites to help each other with accountability and motivation to stay on track with their nutrition journey. Blogs dedicated to healthy recipes and dietary information, such as Healthy Aperture, My New Roots and Kalyn’s Kitchen, are also popular.