What Are the Basic Tenets of Christianity?

Nico De Pasquale Photography/Moment/Getty Images

The basic tenets of Christianity, typically referred to as the core doctrines, include the belief that there is only one true God; that God exists in the form of a Trinity, or three gods in one; that God is omnipresent and omniscient; and that God is sovereign and holy. In addition, a core principle is the belief that Jesus was the Son of God but became a man and was sent to earth to save mankind from death and sin.

Though there are many facets of Christianity and multiple denominations, most adhere to the basic tenets and strive to live their lives by the inherent principles of the religion.The belief that God is holy, just, true and forgiving informs the true believer’s approach to daily life. The sinful nature of man dictates actions to overcome this premise and gain entrance to heaven based on accepting salvation as a free gift from God to those who accept Jesus Christ. Those who do so receive forgiveness of sins and live eternally after death. However, humans who do not subscribe to this are doomed to eternal damnation and an afterlife in hell. Christians believe that Jesus plans to return to the earth, that the dead will be raised, and that a final judgement day is coming when Satan is thrown into a lake of fire and God creates a new heaven and earth.