What Are the Basic Rules for the Game “Monopoly”?

Mark Strozier/CC-BY 2.0

The basic rules for the game “Monopoly” involve each player choosing a token and receiving a starting stipend of $1,500, then designating one player to act as the banker. Each player takes turns rolling two dice and moving around the board, buying property, paying taxes and drawing cards as necessary.

At the start of the game, players need to lay out the game board and place the Chance and Community Chest cards on the appropriate spots. Next, each player chooses a token from the available set and places it on the Go space. One player must act as the Banker, issuing each player $1,500 and placing the remaining money, along with the property deeds and property tokens, in the Bank area. Finally, play begins with the Banker rolling the dice and moving the token the appropriate number of spaces.

Each subsequent player rolls the dice and moves their tokens, following the instructions of the spaces on which they land. Some may instruct a player to draw a card, while others may send the player to Jail. Each player that lands on a vacant property has the option to purchase the property. If a player lands on a property in the possession of another, that player must pay the owner rent. Each time another passes the Go square, that player collects $200.