What Is Barbie Hair Made Out Of?

Anna Chernichko/CC-BY-2.0

Most Barbie hair is made out of Saran, a generic name for plastics made from at least 80 percent PVDC. Some dolls have hair made out of Kanekalon, another fiber that is widely used for wigs and hair extensions.

Both Saran fiber and Kanekalon are non-flammable, an important safety consideration for toy manufacturers. Saran is heavy and stiff, while Kanekalon is more similar in texture to human hair. Saran is resistant to damage from sunlight, mildew, moisture and many household chemicals, but it gets harder with heat. Kanekalon is resistant to heat, which makes it easier to style than other artificial fibers. Saran is used both for doll hair and for certain kinds of wigs.