Why Is Barack Obama a Good Leader?

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President Barack Obama is a good leader because he is perceptive. As the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama rallies for the people. He understands that the United States can only work as a unit when everyone has the same opportunities in healthcare, education and employment.

The University of Notre Dame states that leaders must be responsive to the needs of the team. That is exactly what President Obama accomplishes in the Oval Office on a daily basis. He recognizes what he must do as president and executes, regardless of how controversial the issue.

Another quality leaders exemplify is the ability to communicate and connect with their audience. President Barack Obama is a great orator. Even those who oppose him recognize the fact that he can reach his audience and motivate them to act.

The Girl Scouts of America states good leaders recognize they do not know everything. President Barack Obama acknowledges missteps his administration makes and works to correct them. Many leaders try to look infallible because they command so much power. Since no single person has the answers to everything, a leader who is capable of admitting wrongs, is a rare breed.

For those who desire to be leaders, President Barach Obama is a great example to follow.