What Is a Baldwin Acrosonic Piano?

The Baldwin Acrosonic piano is a spinet or console piano made by a popular and long-standing American piano company. The spinet piano stands 36 to 40 inches tall, and the console piano stands between 40 and 43 inches tall. The console piano’s larger size gives it a deeper and richer sound.

The Baldwin Acrosonic piano was introduced in 1936 and eventually became one of the most popular pianos in the world. Its small size, reasonable price and good quality made it very attractive to consumers who wanted a compact piano of at least adequate quality. The piano is also easy to move because of its compact size, making it ideal for people living in small spaces.

The Baldwin Piano Company started in 1862 with the ventures of Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, a piano teacher based in Cincinnati. He eventually partnered with clerk Lucien Wulsin to create D.H. Baldwin & Company. It went on to be the largest manufacturer of pianos and keyboards based in the United States. The company has now ceased production in the United States and moved its production facilities to China. The company is owned by Gibson Guitar Corporation, and continues to manufacture pianos under the Baldwin name.