What Are Some Bad Thyroid Symptoms?

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Symptoms of thyroid problems include muscle and joint pain, neck agitation, bowel problems, changes in hair and skin, fatigue, weight gain, and depression or anxiety, according to About.com. Women may also suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, and they may have fertility problems.

Aches can manifest in the form of carpal tunnel in the arms, hands and legs, according to About.com. A person can also develop plantar fasciitis in the feet. A swelling of the neck may be accompanied with a hoarse voice in the event of a thyroid condition.

About.com adds that hair loss is prevalent in hypothyroidism, as hair usually becomes brittle and dry and may fall out. Hypothyroidism also causes the skin to become thick and scaly, and hyperthyroidism creates severe hair damage and fragile skin. Hypothyroidism causes irritable bowl syndrome and diarrhea, but hyperthyroidism is responsible for constipation. Insomnia during the night is another indicator of hyperthyroidism, and sleeping throughout the day despite adequate rest can indicate a thyroid problem.

An unknown thyroid problem increases a person’s cholesterol, according to About.com, but hyperthyroidism lowers cholesterol to unusual levels. Hyperthyroidism leads to anxiety issues, while hypothyroidism causes depression. Medication is usually not effective if depression is caused by thyroid complications. Women may undergo pain during their periods if hyperthyroidism occurs. Shorter and infrequent menstrual cycles are additional signs of hyperthyroidism, and general infertility can mean an undiagnosed thyroid ailment.