Why Is It Bad to Pull a Mole Off of Your Skin?

Pulling a mole the skin off at home can result in excessive bleeding, scarring and infection, according to WebMD. It is important to have moles removed in a doctor’s office where the procedure can be done safely in order to prevent complications, and in the case of abnormal moles, can be sent to a laboratory for biopsy.

Moles are best removed in a doctor’s office by being cut, frozen or burned off the skin, according to WebMD. These treatments typically are not painful, as the doctor numbs the area with a local anesthetic prior to removal. In some cases, when a mole is deep in the skin, it is necessary to complete the procedure with a few stitches. When a mole is removed in a doctor’s office, there is generally no scarring and the entire procedure takes a matter of minutes. The doctor uses a medicine to stop any bleeding at the removal site and places a bandage over the area to keep it clean. While it is not usually necessary to have moles removed, some may become bothersome if they rub against clothing or become irritated with daily activity. Additionally, if a mole becomes larger than a pencil eraser, develops uneven edges or changes colors, further examination may be required to rule out skin diseases such as cancer.