What Are Axxess Keys?

Axxess keys are duplicate keys made with the Axxess Precision Key Duplication System. According to the Hillman Group, Axxess keys cover 97 percent of all types of keys used for offices, homes, cars, padlocks and mailboxes. Axxess Duplication Systems take up to 4 feet of space and are found at stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.

Axxess Key Systems allow users to quickly create duplicate Axxess keys for almost any key type they bring in. The employee using the machine first identifies the type of key using the Axxess Key Identifier block. The employee then finds the corresponding key blank duplicate and the self-aligning cassette. Finally, the employee puts the key to be duplicated and the key blank into the cassette and presses the Start button. The machine then produces the Axxess key duplicate. The Hillman Group claims that miscuts of key duplication procedures only happen 4.5 percent of the time, which is favorable in comparison to common commercial machines that have miscut rates as high as 20 percent. The Axxess System has a precision cutter that is monitored by a control panel that watches the entire duplication process in order to make sure that it comes out accurately.