What Is the Average Weight a Person Can Lift?

Cavan Images/Stone/Getty Images

The average man who weighs 160 pounds lifts approximately 135 pounds on the bench press, 125 pounds squatting and 155 pounds dead-lifting. The average woman who weighs 132 pounds lifts approximately 64 pounds on the bench press, 59 pounds squatting and 74 pounds dead-lifting.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 29 percent of Americans weight train. As a result, these numbers vary due to a person’s body composition, sex, health-related factors and strength training experience. Women strength train at a rate of 17.5 percent, while men strength train at a rate of 21.9 percent. Due to a recent push in health and fitness awareness as of 2014, these numbers are expected to increase.