What Is the Average Value of a Penny From 1944?

Tetra images/Tetra images/Getty Images

The average value of a penny from 1944, also called a 1944 wheat penny, is between 15 cents and $6 depending on its condition. The government produced around 1,435,400,000 of these pennies in 1944.

The government also produced a few steel wheat pennies in 1944 by mistake. Exactly how many of these pennies were produced is unknown, but the average value of a steel wheat penny ranges from $77,234 to $110,334 depending on its condition. Coin analysts believe that they were made in error when the government attempted to use steel plates to mint currency. Collectors should watch out for 1944 wheat pennies that are coated in zinc to make them look like 1944 steal wheat pennies.