What Is the Average Shoe Size for My Child?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 27, 2020 12:24:42 PM ET

Shoe size varies with the individual child, but certain sizes are typical at specific ages. For example, at age 4, the average shoe size is a children's 10 to 11.

By age 6, most children are wearing a Size 12 shoe. Around 7, children are typically transitioning between Size 13 shoes for young children and Size 1 in older children's footwear. By age 9, children are in Sizes 3 or 4. At 10 they are in a 4, and by age 12 they are in a Size 5 or 6. As adolescence begins, children range from Size 6 at age 13 to 7 or 8 at age 14.