What Is the Average Recovery Time for Baker’s Cyst Removal Surgery?

The average recovery time for a Baker’s cyst removal surgery depends on self-care and an individual’s condition, as stated by Cleveland Clinic. The initial treatment for a Baker’s cyst involves nonsurgical options. A surgery may only be recommended if the condition does not clear up or gets worse.

There are several things to expect after undergoing the surgery, such as throbbing and tenderness in the knee. Resuming normal activities is only recommended after a patient is cleared by a doctor to do so. Any activity that puts pressure on the knee should be avoided. There may be a visit to the doctor to monitor a patient’s condition a few days after the procedures, and pain relievers may be prescribed to ease pain. A patient should refrain from driving for at least 2 weeks, as stated by Cleveland Clinic. Physical therapy may be recommended by the doctor to speed up the recovery.

Also called popliteal cyst, a Baker’s cyst is a fluid-filled pocket that forms behind the knee. This condition occurs when excess joint fluid is directed to one sac behind the knee. In some cases, the cyst may clear up on its own without treatment. If it fails, the doctor may prick it using a needle to remove the fluid. Surgery is only used to treat the condition in rare cases.