What Is the Average Price for a Lee Reynolds Painting?

The average value of a Lee Reynolds painting depends on its size, condition, subject matter and whether Reynolds actually painted it, but is relatively low, and ranges from $30 to under $2,000. Lee Reynolds is an artist who founded Vanguard Studios in the mid-1960s.

Vanguard Studios produced art for mass distribution. Reynolds developed prototypes, guided product lines and supervised the staff of mostly art students who signed his name to their work, and the name “Lee Reynolds” became more of a brand rather than an indicator of his work. Reynolds later served as the director of East Park Gallery in Los Angeles, where nearly all of the paintings bearing his name were copies painted by his assistant, Rudolpho Carlos. Most of the originals actually painted by Reynolds became splattered with paint during the reproduction process. The few original pieces released sell for under $2,000.