What Does “average” Mean in Mathematics?

Justin Lewis/Stone/Getty Images

In mathematics, the “average” typically refers to the “mean value” of a set of numbers that is found by adding all the numbers in the set and then dividing this answer by how many numbers were in the set. However, there also are other types of averages in mathematics, such as the weighted average, mode and median.

An example of how to find the average of the given set of numbers 1, 3, 5, 7 and 4 is to add these numbers to get 20, and then divide 20 by 5 (the amount of numbers in the set) to get 4 as the average.

While the number in the middle of a set is called the median value, the mode is the number that most often repeats in a set. In the example, 5 would be the median, and there is no mode.