What Is the Average Golf Score for 18 Holes?

Leanna Rathkelly/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

In 2005, the average golf score was 100 for 18 holes. In 2012, the average golf score for men was 97. Both figures are according to the National Golf Foundation, which states the average golf score has remained at 100 for decades despite newer golf technology.

The best average on the PGA Tour in 2013 was Steve Stricker with 69, and the overall PGA Tour average was 71. The lowest 18-hole score ever recorded at an official PGA event was 59, a feat accomplished six times in history.

Just 21 percent of all golfers score lower than 90, or 18 over par. Just 0.7 percent of all USGA-registered handicap golfers are able to shoot par or better.