What Is the Average Distance for Each Golf Club?

A wide variety exists between the average distances that can be expected from each golf club, as well as between individual golfers. According to About.com, owing to superior upper body strength, men tend to drive further than women with the same club, and each individual can vary in driving distance over time with conditioning and experience. A set of clubs, however, delivers drive of anywhere between 40 and 200 yards.

The longest distances on the golf course are best covered by the wooden driver clubs. According to About.com, women average between 105 yards and 170 yards with a 5-wood, while men typically drive 170 to 210 yards. Drivers manage between 150 and 260 yards as a rule, with 3-woods being intermediate.

Irons have their own averages as well. In general, the lower the number designation of the iron, the closer its face is to perpendicular with the ground, meaning it delivers more force to drive the ball. Thus, a 2-iron has driving figures similar to those of the 5-wood, while the 9-iron rarely goes over 130 yards.

Golf sets come equipped with specialist clubs as well. These have their own driving ranges, but they tend toward the short end. A sand wedge, for example, can be expected to drive the ball between 40 yards and 100 yards.