What Are the Average Dimensions of a Small La-Z-Boy Recliner?

A small La-Z-Boy recliner has size dimensions averaging around 41 inches in height, 30 inches in width and 36 inches in depth. A small recliner likely has a seat height around 18 inches, a seat depth of 20 inches and a seat width of 18 inches.

The average height and depth of recliners is similar across most sizes. The most significant size differences are found in the width of the chairs, which can vary by more than 20 inches.

The dimensions of the smaller recliners are very similar regardless of the style of recliner, whether it is a traditional rocker recliner, glider or a high-leg recliner. The additional options on a recliner, such as heat, massage or power reclining, also have no significant impact on the dimensions.