What Is the Average Cost of a Loaf of Bread?

Carlos Hernandez/Cultura/Getty Images

The average price of a 500 gram (slightly over 1 pound) loaf of fresh white bread is somewhere between $2.37 and $2.43 in the United States, as of 2014. The average price ranges from $2 to $4.41 in different locations in the United States.

The country of Bermuda has the most expensive average price for a loaf of bread at $5.38. Gambia has the cheapest price, since a loaf of bread only costs 17 cents there. The U.S., at an average price of $2.37 for a loaf of bread, falls into the 21st spot in the list of average bread prices, just below Jamaica at $2.44 and just above Ghana at $2.32.